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Hand-picked harvest

"In order to ensure the grapes are of a higher quality, grapes are hand-harvested and then hand-picked in the vineyard. The grapes selected are dumped in open bins. I make an alcoholic fermentation which lasts at least 3 weeks, disturbing it as little as possible. Extracting material is a slow and lengthy process. Once finished, the wine is stored in oak barrels. The percentage of new barrels corresponds to the vintages. The aging process may take up to 12 to 18 months, depending on the variety and style of wine desired. It is during this period that the necessary malolactic fermentation is conducted. After that the wines are bottled.""

NUITS SAINT GEORGES « Aux Saint juliens » AOC Village, Pinot Noir

nuits saint georgesIt is a parcel consisting of 3 parts respectively, aged 83, 75 and 30 years. The maturity of the vineyard is reflected in the wine by a rich and subtle structure. It is a wine for keeping which matures overtime. Every stage of its life reveals a strong character.

HAUTES COTES DE NUITS AOC hautes côtes de Nuits, Pinot Noir

hautes cotes de nuit Originally from several vineyards situated in Messanges, it gathers the freshness and complexity of different local regions.


BOURGOGNE AOC Bourgogne, Pinot Noir


On a light and drained soil, grapes reach perfect maturity. The mastered production allows for a beautiful expression of this Pinot noir.
Fruity and elegant wine to be enjoyed between 2 and 6 years of age.


Crisp and fruity wine, ideally served as an appetizer with gougeres ( baked savory choux pasty ).It is used to make KIR (an aperitif made of casis liqueur and 5/6 of white wine).
Delicious served with cured meats, seafood and the traditional Burgundy snails.

ROSE AOC Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire

This is a wine made frompressed grapes.It can be served with any course.Crisp and fruity flavours will delight your taste buds.

BOURGOGNE Passe Tout Grain AOC

It is a blended wine made of Gamay and Pinot Noir grapes. Ideally drunk young..